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Wednesday 01 August 2001 Mujahideen Attacks Rock Grozny
Previous News Archives:

Wednesday 01 August 2001 Mujahideen Attacks Rock Grozny

Mujahideen forces executed 14 concurrent attacks on various Russian posts and bases in the capital, Grozny. One high-ranked officer was confirmed killed along with a number of other soldiers. More were severely wounded. Two OMON officers were confirmed killed when their UZAK jeep hit a mine planted by the Mujahideen.

The Mujahideen promised that by Allah's permission, they will continue their attacks and keep sending the Russian forces back home in bodybags, while making sure the remaining ones are terrorised day and night.

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(Previous news articles can be found in the July 2001 archive).


E-Mails of Support

Here is a small sample of the many e-mails of support that we have received from both Muslims and non-Muslims. There are hundreds more but we have not been able to include them all due to lack of resources. They are not in any particular order, but we add new ones from the top of the page.
Please keep sending your e-mails of support to . Please state your city and country when sending a message. Please try to keep your e-mails short if possible and avoid using all capitals/ uppercase letters.
Added 10 August 2001

Added 10 August 2001

What will it take for Muslims to wake up? Subhan'Allah, the criminal Macedonian army is burning our Masajid today, just as their Christian Serbian cousins did in Kosova and Bosnia. Just last week a 300 year old Masjid was burned down in Rajasthan, India by Hindu Fundamentalists. A Month Ago in Burma dozens of Masajid were torched under the watchful eye of the Mynamar government. Where are the Muslim Leaders? Where is the outrage? Subhan'Allah, May Allah ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters in oppressed lands and raise from the Ummah leaders that will defend us. Ameen.
[Brother LK, USA, 09 August 2001]

There are no words that come to mind which adequately describe the utter feeling of loath and desolation I feel at present (for myself). Allah Taa'laa has given us so much yet there are millions of us that will not give anything back. How any of us can stand back and see our Muslim brothers and sisters killed only on the basis of their religion, yet do nothing to help them. This shows us for the weak minded fools that we are, how can we cherish our lives more than the lives of other Muslims, how can we cherish our lives more than our love for Allah Taa'laa. For those brothers and sisters who are active in Jihad I ask Allah Taa'laa that you are made safe from the enemies of Islam, that you are awarded your prize for this noble endeavour (paradise) and that your families receive the same. For those who are not yet active in Jihad I ask Allah Taa'laa that may he give us the strength to fight with our lives for what is just and loved by Allah. May Allah grant us all forgiveness because we are all in need of this and may Allah reward the righteous, for it is through these righteous people that we see first hand what a persons love for Allah Taa'laa will allow them to do. So my Muslim brothers and sisters wherever you are and whoever you are let us all stand up and be counted as true Muslims, let us fight Islam's enemies so that we may live in peace. May Allah give me the strength to act upon my convictions whereby I will be able to look other Muslims in the face without this feeling of loath and desolation.
[Brother HI, UK, 09 August 2001]

"Salaams dear brothers, I am an Argentinean Muslim. I think you are doing very good and very useful work for all the Muslims brothers and sisters around the world. I wish to help you in anything that I can help. Please if you need something from Argentina, let me know. May Allah bless you and keep you safe."
[Brother HAG, Argentina, 02 August 2001]

The future for all mankind is in Islam. There is no other alternatives for them. Allah has chosen you to open the path for mankind towards the truth in Islam. I pray that Allah give you the strength and istiqamah and patience to achieve victory for Islam. Dear brothers please pray that I may get the tawfiq to join you or any other Jihad frontiers as soon as possible. May Allah Bless all of you.
[Brother AK, Singapore, 01 August 2001]

"Assalamu alaikum respected soldiers of Islam. Even though I am not with you, I want you to know that my prayers are with you and your families, and for those that have lost loved ones near and dear to them. I pray that Allah the Most Great grants you victory over the enemies of Islam. And I pray that Allah gives me the opportunity to assist you in your cause. Hold fast onto the Deen and Insha Allah you will be victorious. May Allah the Most Merciful grant you victory over the oppressors of Islam."
[Brother M, South Africa, 31 July 2001]

"Assalamu aleikum brothers and sisters. Allahu Akbar!!! Allahu Akbar!!! You are the best of Islam. We are Peruvian Muslims converted from Christianity, and we make dua daily for you. At the same time, we feel ashamed for not being with you. We love you for the sake of Allah! If Allah (SWT) gives us the chance, we will be with you for to fight against the Jews and the Russian Kuffar. The final triumph is for the believers! The highest Paradise is for the Mujahideen and for the Shuhadaa!!!"
[Brothers JSZ, RRM and MT, Peru, 23 July 2001]

"Dear brothers, assalaamu alaikum. Keep up the fight, Allah will grant us ultimate victory soon and the Russians will go back home humiliated and defeated! I also make pray for global Jihad anywhere where there is an Ummah large enough to establish a Sharia state. I read the news of your struggle everyday and you are in my heart and prayers. May Allah bless all of our martyred brothers with Jannah. Keep it strong brothers, we have the Russians on the ropes, a few more good punches and they will be down for the count! The Ummah is with you! Allahu Akbar!!"
[Brother MH, USA, 30 July 2001]

"Assalamu alaikum my very beloved Muslim brothers. Never surrender to these Kuffar. Strive and struggle. The sacrifice of your blood is your way to Jannatul Firdaus. Surrender to Allah and not to the Kuffar and Mushriks. Keep struggling against them. Fight with courage and unity against them. Allah is your Rabb (Lord). You are fighting for the Deen!!! Your death is better than your life. Allah (SWT) awaits you to grant you the eternal reward."
[Brother FS, USA, 29 July 2001]

"I wanted to send out an email of support and to say that you all are in my prayers and duas! I am a new muslim of 3 months the USA. May Allah be with you my brothers and sisters."
[Brother BM, VA, USA, 29 July 2001]

"Salaam alaikum my dearest Mujahideen brothers and sisters of Chechnya: may Allah keep you all united healthy and strong. We are indeed all saddened and yet all victorious in the martyrdom of our brother Commander Saqriev Muhammad Noorudeen. May Allah accept his Shahada and grant him Jannatul Firdaus and may my brother's martyrdom inspire millions of young Muslims, to realise that he gave his live for them so that they may continue to live and prosper as Muslims. May the flame of Islamic passion burn in their breasts with the ferocity of those Mujahids and Shuhadah alive at the time of our Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) who lived for the sake of Islam and were martyred for the sake of Islam. Ameen.
The most disheartening is the silence and inaction of the millions of Muslims, many with vast fortunes and political power who remain selfishly preoccupied with their worldly success and never paying heed to the fact that there is no guarantee that they will ever see the sun rise tomorrow or breathe the air the next moment - When death comes, early or late it will come unannounced, and all that power and might will be utterly useless and of no consequence as they stand before Allah to account for their deeds. If not Jihad by war, they could have used their resources to further the cause of Allah and help Muslims such as our brothers and sisters or their orphaned children of Chechnya - but the Muslim world sleeps. If not the Muslim nations of this world, I sincerely regret being unable to singularly take all of the orphaned children of my Chechen brothers and sisters- my children, into my home and raise them as Muslims myself. My heart yearns and prays to Allah for that ability. May Allah make this possible, Ameen. The sands of time have not much further to go. The blood of my martyred brothers and sisters and their innocent sisters will remain fresh in the minds of every true Muslim till the end of their days, when Allah calls them too. You never are and never will be forgotten. May Allah always bless you, and may He keep you all united, healthy and strong. Ameen "
[Brother TN, NY, USA, 28 July 2001]

"Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters- I am a new Muslim revert in Australia. My dua is for you and I carry you in my heart always.
"And the fire of separation burns the heart and sears the breast
And their eyes are wet with weeping for a love that gives not rest."
The brothers and sisters here love you and pray for you. You are helping teach me the real love of Allah."
[Sister K, Mackay, Australia, 29 July 2001]

"Assalamu alaykum! Dear brothers and sisters, may Allah help you in your struggle against the dirty Russians, and may He grant you the highest levels of Paradise. The Jihad you are participating in is the real Jihad, the one mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. This is the only way in which Muslims will get a proper Khilafah, so carry on fighting so that you may establish the Islamic Shariah along with Afghanistan. O brothers I will pray for you and Insha Allah with the help of Allah, I will join you in the real Jihad against the Kuffar so that the religion of Islam may be set in the land of Chechnya and other Countries."
[Brother AK, UK, 28 July 2001]

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Ahmed Kadirov, Leader of Pro-RussianChechnya (Added 19 March 2001)

Ibn-ul-Khattab, Commander of the Foreign Mujahideen Forces in the Caucasus
Shamil Basayev, Commander of the Mujahideen in Chechnya
Shaheed Abu Talha Al-Junoobi (Arabian Peninsula), martyred Friday 25 Ramadan 1420 A.H. (Added 31 Dec 1999)
Dr Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, Scholar of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, assassinated Friday 24 November 1989 (Added 07 Feb 2000)
Shaheed Hussain (Turkey), martyred during the Withdrawal from Grozny, February 2000
Shaheed Khallad Al-Madani (Madinah, Arabian Peninsula), martyred Wednesday 17 February 2000 (Added 08 March 2000)
Shaheed Sheikh Saleh Bin Muhammad Al Dheishi - Abu Thabit (Arabian Peninsula) (Added 11 Mar 2000)
Shaheed Abu Ubaidah Al-Yemeni (Yemen), martyred Monday 15 Feb 2000
Shaheed Field Commander Masood Al-Benin, correspondent, martyred 12 April 2000 (Added 23 April 2000)
Shaheed Shafeeq (Ayyub Al-Tuweijri), martyred May 2000
Shaheeda Hawaa Barayev (Chechnya), martyred 09 June 2000
Shaheed Khunkpash As-Sheshaani (Chechnya), martyred June 2000 (Added 05 July 2000)
Shaheed Dr Mawladi As-Sheshaani (Chechnya), martyred June 2000 (Added 05 July 2000)
Shaheed Abu Malik Al-Qahtani, martyred 28 June 2000 (Updated 17 July 2000)
Shaheed Mauladi As-Sheshaani (Chechnya), martyred Sunday 02 July 2000 (Added 17 July 2000)
Shaheed Khalil As-Soori (syria), martyred July 20000 during reconnaissance mission (Added 17 July 2000)
Shaeed Abu Abbas Al-Kuwaiti martyred Monday 14 February 2000 (Added 02 November 2000)
Shaheed Abu Yasser Al-Nashmy (Added 09 November 2000)

Ibn-ul-Khattab, Commander of the Foreign Mujahideen Forces in the Caucasus

Shamil Basayev, Commander of the Mujahideen in Chechnya

Shaheed Abu Talha Al-Junoobi (Arabian Peninsula), martyred Friday 25 Ramadan 1420 A.H. (Added 31 Dec 1999)

Dr Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, Scholar of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, assassinated Friday 24 November 1989 (Added 07 Feb 2000)

Shaheed Hussain (Turkey), martyred during the Withdrawal from Grozny, February 2000

Shaheed Khallad Al-Madani (Madinah, Arabian Peninsula), martyred Wednesday 17 February 2000 (Added 08 March 2000)

Shaheed Abu Ubaidah Al-Yemeni (Yemen), martyred Monday 15 Feb 2000

Shaheed Field Commander Masood Al-Benin, correspondent, martyred 12 April 2000 (Added 23 April 2000)

Shaheed Khunkpash As-Sheshaani (Chechnya), martyred June 2000 (Added 05 July 2000)

Shaheed Dr Mawladi As-Sheshaani (Chechnya), martyred June 2000 (Added 05 July 2000)

Shaheed Abu Malik Al-Qahtani, martyred 28 June 2000 (Updated 17 July 2000)

Shaheed Mauladi As-Sheshaani (Chechnya), martyred Sunday 02 July 2000 (Added 17 July 2000)

Ahmed Kadirov, Leader of Pro-Russian Chechnya (Added 19 March 2001)

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October 2000 News Archive
News Archives:
31 October 2000 Russian Military Base Attacked
25 October 2000 The Calm Before the Storm, The Land of Chechnya is Unusually Quiet
20 October 2000 More Battles Between Abul Waleed's Units and Russian Special Forces
17 October 2000 A Correction on the Last News Item
16 October 2000 The Mujahideen Avenge for the Civilians of Korshel
15 October 2000 Commander Isa Takbeer Earns Martyrdom
14 October 2000 Letter to Our Brothers in Palestine
11 October 2000 150 Mujahideen in Chechnya are Ready for Jihad in Palestine
10 October 2000 Command Council Announcement Regarding Al-Quds
09 October 2000 Al-Aqsa is in the Hearts of the Mujahideen of Chechnya
08 October 2000 Two Assault Operations in Gudermes
07 October 2000 Reaction From Mujahideen and Civilians to the Massacre in Palestine
03 October 2000 Russian Forces Gathering in Zhanni-Vedeno
02 October 2000 The Mujahideen Military Command Council Determined on Continuing the Jihad
01 October 2000 A Call From The Mujahideen In Chechnya

Tuesday 31 October 2000 Russian Military Base Attacked

Large Russian Military Base Attacked, More than 21 Russians Killed

The Mujahideen attacked a Russian Military base in Chechnya, that had a large number of soldiers and military equipment. Prior to this attack, the Mujahideen put together a military plan based on a reconnaissance mission. This mission was carried out after some time of relative calm. This attack was from many flanks, where missiles and heavy automatic machine guns were used. As a result of this attack, some military equipment was destroyed and the killing of more than 21 Russian soldiers, along with many wounded.

Three Helicopters Take Turns in Transporting the Wounded

Russian helicopters arrived to transport the wounded and bodies from the site. The Mujahideen returned safely to their positions, thanks to Allah, after the completion of this successful sudden attack operation against the Russians.

Why this Calm?

When calm spreads through many areas of the Republic of Chechnya, this does not mean that the enemy has been victorious over the Mujahideen. The Mujahideen must face periods of such calm, attack and quietness, as these are situations that repeat itself with the Mujahideen in this war. The Mujahideen continue to inflict losses on the Russians, All Praise be to Allah, even with their fewer numbers and supplies.

"...How often a small group overcame a mighty host by Allah's Leave? And Allah is with those who are patient." [Quran 2:249]

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Wednesday 25 October 2000 The Calm Before the Storm, The Land of Chechnya is Unusually Quiet

Nowadays, the land of Chechnya is unusually quiet. While operations continue to take place on a daily basis, they are not as numerous as before. This is primarily because the Mujahideen are making their final preparations for the upcoming winter, which will Inshaa-Allah be full of surprises and shocks for the Russian forces.

It is important to realize that we benefited and learnt a lot from the last winter, which was especially grueling and harsh. All Praise be to Allah, we developed experience and spent a great deal of time preparing for it. These days, the Field Commanders are spending the greater part of their time in high-level meetings, strategizing for the winter season. According to the senior Field Commander, Ibnul-Khattab [May Allah Protect him], gathering the Mujahideen and their commanders for meetings in which strategies can be discussed for the upcoming winter will have the effect of silence and quiet in the land of battle.

However, it should be remembered, that it is only the calm before the storm. Russian forces continue to undertake large-scale search operations in the cities, villages, mountains, and valleys always on the look out for the Mujahideen.

Meanwhile: Putin, Wants to Intervene in Palestine … but on whose behalf?

The Russian Putin claims that he wants to intervene in the current situation in Palestine to calm things down. His statements leave one incredulous to say the least, when one considers that these words emerge from the mouth of a man who let loose his barbaric men on the Chechens, allowing them to kill our brothers, and rape our sisters, and inflict numerous other atrocities on them.

One can't help but wonder what it is that he is after. Does he actually feel pain at the slaughtering of Palestinian Muslims by the Jews? Or is he just returning the favour of Israel who supported him with money, intelligence, and experienced engineers and officers at the beginning of this war? This is merely an attempt to cool or stop the efforts at Jihad which are taking place in Palestine. Russia is by no means the only one who "wants to intervene."

Military Operations in Chechnya

The unit of Abu Jafar planted a SAO155 remote controlled landmine for a Russian armoured vehicle, which was expected to use the road joining Vedeno to Serzhen-Yurt. The vehicle was detonated as it drove over the mine. All 12 occupants of the vehicle were killed during the explosion and the battle which followed thereafter.

Six Russian soldiers were killed during an attack on their blockpost in Grozny. No losses were suffered by the Mujahideen.

A Russian armoured vehicle was detonated in the area of Atki, killing an undetermined number of occupants.

Russian Arrogance Stretches Beyond Russian Borders

The Russian intelligence demanded that the Georgian government hand over a number of injured Mujahideen who are currently receiving medical care in Georgian hospitals. The Georgian government refused to comply with this demand. Approximately 25 Mujahideen are currently receiving medical care in Georgia.

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Friday 20 October 2000 More Battles Between Abul Waleed's Units and Russian Special Forces

A few days ago (17/10), reported that units led by Senior Commander Abul Waleed, engaged Russian elite forces killing 25 of them. In recent days, a number of new battles broke out against the same Russian units. To date, more than 80 "elite" Russian soldiers were killed while seven armoured vehicles and 8 military vehicles were destroyed. The Russian units are attempting to perform reconnaissance and exploration missions in various regions of Chechnya.

Elsewhere in Chechnya

- Three OMON soldiers where killed and their vehicle destroyed in Argun when they came under attack by a Mujahideen unit.

- A Russian BMP was detonated in Kershloi killing all of its occupants. Due to the speedy nature of the operation, the number of occupants was not counted.

Russian Media Sound Distress Alarms Regarding the 150 Readied Mujahideen for Palestine

The Russian media sounded distress alarms as 150 Mujahideen announced that they were ready for Jihad in Palestine last week. Similar to their "sister" media in the West, the Russian media played up public and international fear by using terms like "terrorism". They all have forgotten that Palestine and Al-Aqsa are in the hearts of every Muslim and that Jihad in Palestine is in the thoughts of every Muslim. Preparation for Jihad in this special land is one of the most important duties of every Muslim. We completely believe and are certain of the day that will come when the Muslims will fight the Jews, kill, and defeat them Insha-Allah. Let it be known that in spite of every unbeliever and in the face of every atheist, Islam will arrive and truth will be victorious. We ask Allah to hurry the victory and to protect its soldiers.

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Tuesday 17 October 2000 A Correction on the Last News Item

Contrary to the previous news bulletin (15/10), the Commander Isa Takbeer is alive well, and the Commander Isa Banayev is actually the Mujahid who was martyred. May Allah Have Mercy on Him. We aplogise for this mistake in the previous news report.

Commander Abul Waleed Leads An Attack on Russian Special Forces

Under the Command of Abul Waleed, the Mujahideen attacked an Airborne Unit of the Russian Special Forces, which consisted of 120 soldiers. The Mujahideen struck them with Artillery, then attacked using heavy and light machine guns. The Russian soldiers showed some resistance for a short while, but like cowards they ran away leaving behind 25 dead soldiers and as many injured on the battleground. The Mujahideen have gathered a number of weapons and ammunition. Two of the Mujahideen were martyred in this battle, we ask Allah (SWT) to accept them as Martyrs.

Russian Forces Claim They Arrested Three Mujahideen After Martyrdom Operation in Grozny

The Military Command Council planned the Martyrdom operation in the capital Grozny which was carried out by only ONE of the Mujahideen. He disguised himself as a Russian officer after he shaved his beard, and boarded a white UKAZ vehicle, which was booby-trapped. He passed a few check points until he reached the Octoberski region in the middle of Grozny where the Russian Military command center was. He stopped the vehicle next to the building and blew it up. This resulted in the death of 17 Russian soldiers and many injuries in the Russian forces, amongst whom were high ranking officers. This Martyrdom operation was in response to the security measures that the Russian forces took, thinking that they are safe from the Mujahideen, and this is also after an announcement from the Russian Military Marshal Commander Ivan Baitsheive that he has control over the situation in Chechnya.

Vedeno Witnesses the Killing of 15 Russian Soldiers

The Mujahideen attacked a Russian convoy near the town of Bljtoy in the region of Vedeno, which lead to the killing of 15 Russian soldiers and the destruction of 2 BTR's and a cargo vehicle carrying heavy weapons. As to the Mujahideen, two were martyred and others were injured, we ask Allah to accept the Martyred and cure the injured. Ameen

Escalating Military Operations Against Russian Forces In Chechnya.

The Capital Grozny

- The Mujahideen destroyed a military cargo URAL vehicle that lead to four Russian soldiers dead and seven others injured.

- At the same time near the train station, one of the Mujahideen fired on a Russian group that lead to the killing of two soldiers, the Mujahid was able to leave the site without any incidents "And Verily Allah is the best protector and Allah is most Merciful"

- On October 11 2000 the Mujahideen destroyed a BMP, which killed three Russian soldiers. Some minutes later, the Mujahideen destroyed another vehicle that came to assist the first one, this lead to the killing of two more Russian soldiers.

- To the North of the capital, the Mujahideen attacked an Armored Russian group using an RPG and a heavy machine gun. They destroyed a BTR, killing three soldiers and injuring five others.

Other Areas

-In the southern side of the Shali, on the road leading to Vedeno, the Mujahideen detonated mines from a distance which lead to the destruction of two BTR vehicles and the killing of the all soldiers inside it, injuring others severely.

-On October 10 2000 the Mujahideen destroyed a military vehicle in Gudermes, which lead to five Russian soldiers being injured.

-In the city of Shali, the Mujahideen detonated an explosion near a Russian forces building, which resulted in one Russian soldier being killed.

-Between Shali and the town of Jrmentshook, the Mujahideen destroyed a BTR vehicle.

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Monday 16 October 2000 The Mujahideen Avenge for the Civilians of Korshel

After running low on food, a Russian unit entered the village of Korshel in an armoured vehicle and plundered food and provisions from the villagers. As proof of their hatred for the Muslims, civilian or otherwise, they then slaughtered seventeen cows belonging to the village. The nearby unit of Commander Abu Sufyan heard news of the Russian aggression as it was taking place. They proceeded to the outskirts of the village and quickly laid an anti-tank landmine. As the Russians left the village, the mine was detonated destroying the armoured vehicle, killing four enemy soldiers, and wounding one.

Two Landmine Assaults on Russian Units

Remote-controlled landmines were used to attack a Russian convoy on the road between Gudermes and Argun. An unidentified number of vehicles were destroyed and almost certainly resulting in the deaths of many Russians. The unit of Commander Adam attacked and destroyed two Russian armoured vehicles near the village of Akshti, killing a number of Russian soldiers.

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Sunday 15 October 2000 Commander Isa Takbeer Earns Martyrdom

Mujahideen units, led by Field Commander Isa Takbeer, staged another assault on Russian positions in the capital Grozny. After destroying a number of AFVs (Armoured Fighting Vehicles) and killing scores of Russian soldiers, Commander Takbeer reached his ultimate goal and acheived Martyrdom, insha-Allah.

Commander Isa Takbeer led many operations in Grozny where he had settled following the Mujahideen's withdrawal, earlier this year. The series of operations he led not only destroyed Russian men and machinery but also morale and spirit. May Allah have mercy upon his soul and accept him as a Martyr in the highest levels of Paradise. We will have glimpses of his life and Jihad in the near future, insha-Allah.

Do Not Despair Nor Grieve

Allah says in His Glorious Book:

"Do not despair nor grieve. You shall overcome them, if you are believers."
" If a wound reaches you, be sure a similar wound has reached them.
And these are the days which we give in turns to Mankind, so that Allah may know those who believe, and so that he may chose for Himself martyrs from amongst you . And Allah does not love those who are unjust."
"And so that Allah may prove those that are true in faith and deprive the unbelievers of blessings"

[Quran 3:139–141]

A Mujahideen unit left for an operation led by Field Commander Bahauddin Bakoyev. On the way, they were attacked by a Russian ambush with fire from machine guns, artillery, and landmines. They returned fire to the best of their ability, killing and wounding a number of enemy soldiers. This ambush resulted in the Martyrdom of Commander Bakoyev and 10 other Mujahideen. The remaining Mujahideen where able to defend themselves and return back to their posts. May Allah accept all the Martyrs in the highest places of Heaven.

Congratulations to the soil of Chechnya for being purified with the blood of these Martyrs. All we say is that we belong to Allah and to Him we shall all return. Oh Allah, help us during our difficult times and replace these with better days. We thank Allah in every case and even though we lost more than 10 Mujahideen in this incident, and their souls are so dear to us, we have killed many Russians and sent them to the everlasting Hell, insha-Allah. We will insha-Allah have our revenge for these brothers. For Allah gives victory to whoever supports His cause.

The Russians Will Soon See

The Mujahideen are currently preparing an upcoming series of operations. These operations will be of a different style and magnified destructive force on the enemy, insha-Allah. The current operations you read and hear about are the remnants of the old plans and operations. The new signs of changing weather and conditions require us to prepare new, fresh plans. We solely count on Allah in our doings and have full belief that victory comes from Allah not from our doing. We simply work our hardest using the tools that Allah gave us and continue our supplication, the effect of which we have all seen.

Therefore, we urge all Muslims to increase in their supplication and concentration in their prayers and ask Allah to grant victory to the Mujahideen in Palestine and here in Chechnya. It is not a secret that the Mujahideen are in dire need for financial assistance, which is the backbone of any Jihad. So do not be miserly with your soles, supplication, and money. For victory is undoubtedly coming from Allah when He wills and Allah will not make the unbelievers above his believers.

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Saturday 14 October 2000 Letter from the Mujahideen Military Command Council in Chechnya

To the Muslims of Palestine...
To Muhammad Abu-Darrah...
To the Protectors of Al-Aqsa...
A Promise From Chechnya



In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Dispenser of Mercy.

Indeed all Praise is due to Allah. We send prayers and greetings of peace upon His Messenger, Commander of the Mujahideen, and Leader of those with shining faces on the Day of Judgement. Prayers and greetings of peace upon his entire family and upon all his companions.

From the hills of Chechnya, from the land of determination, honour, and dignity, we forward this urgent letter to our brothers in Palestine. Even if our homes are thousands of miles apart, our hearts could not be closer to you.

We continue to grieve because our beloved Aqsa is in the hands of lawless occupiers, the Jews. Without doubt, they are the worst of all nations Allah has created. Throughout history they have rebelled against Allah and have slain their Prophets. We cannot mention Al-Aqsa - may Allah liberate it - without feeling the pain in our hearts because of what happened and continues to happen. With every passing day, this wound is gouged deeper and deeper. The latest arrow to pierce this wound was when Ariel Sharon defiled the sanctity of Al-Aqsa, a few days ago. The youth of Al-Aqsa rushed to defend that which the Muslim Umma had discarded. Except our brothers are unarmed, whereas the Jews have whatever weapons they desire. And thus they fight with stones and rocks, while the Jews reply with artillery, tanks, and aircraft.

So we send this letter from the land of Chechnya, also under the bombardment of fighter jets, tanks, artillery, and machine guns. We are full of pain, for what we have seen and heard squeezes the blood straight from our hearts. By Allah, we apologize to you, for we cannot offer any support except our supplication, day and night. Your land is our land. Patience, your destiny is paradise.

To the Muslims of Palestine...

To you, the people who are fighting for the last remaining shred of Palestine. To you, who confront the enemies of Allah in the Name of the Religion and to raise the Word of Allah. To you, our message is:

Be patient. Victory is to whomever has an extra hour of patience. Indeed, Allah is the Almighty, the All Glorious. Persist in your Jihad! Do not tire or become weary! If you tire, then remember us. The enemies of Allah have occupied our land for decades. If you are dispirited because your enemy has expelled you, then remember us. Our entire population was usurped and exiled less than a hundred years ago and only a few returned. And we continue to be made outcasts and refugees. And we continue to be violated and slaughtered. And we continue to be tortured with remorseless cruelty. No food, no clothing, no homes, except that we are happy that we have pleased our Lord and Creator. It is with His Knowledge and His Wisdom that He decreed this situation for us. And if anything else was better for us, He would have ordained it. The believer’s role is to be patient during hardship and to be thankful during fortune.

To you, our martyred brothers. To you, congratulations on meeting your Lord, having shed your blood for His sake. You are in the True Happiness. You are living the everlasting life and you are enjoying the endless bounty. By Allah, we are not saddened over you. We are saddened over our own selves. To be martyred is to be chosen by Allah. Whoever is not good enough for it, let him not expect it.

What the enemies of Allah did to our children in the blessed land turns the tears into blood. The murder of unarmed innocents by Jewish hands was not called 'terrorism', rather 'preventive defense'. The murder of the innocent 40-day-old infant, Sarah was not called 'terrorism', rather 'defusing of protests'. They are, in every way, the definitive example of true terrorists. This is proven by countless examples, including what they did to our brother Muhammad Abu-Darrah and his father. How painful was the sight of him screaming in vain?

To Muhammad Abu-Darrah...

Muhammad was taking cover with what could not protect or help him. As we saw the bullets strike him and his father, a deep sorrow struck our hearts. Indeed, he lived up to his name, Muhammad (blessed). They murdered him because of his blessed actions. Hurling rocks taking revenge for the sake of his Religion. He is indeed blessed and it is no wonder. After all, is he not from the followers of Muhammad (SAW), the most blessed of Allah’s creations.

O Muhammad, you have done what none among our best men did or will do. Your blood is nothing but proof that the Religion of Allah is dear to you and Allah will never deny your reward. Nor the reward of every true, blessed Mujahid. Muhammad Abu-Darrah (jewel) your home is now with Allah for you are a true jewel. We’ll hold on to you and present you to our generations hoping that they will be as blessed as you were.

While we pained for you as you tried to take cover from the Jewish onslaught, we remembered the words of our Prophet (SAW) on the day he gave us the glad tidings of fighting the Jews with his words:

“The Day of Judgement will not come around until the Muslims fight the Jews in war where the Muslims will annihilate the Jews. A Jew will hide behind a rock or tree and it would shout (at a near by Muslim) “O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me. Will you not come and kill him ?” All would say this except the 'Gharqadah' trees for they are loyal to the Jews”.

We wondered how we came to be in this subjugated position where the Muslims are hiding and the Jews are killing. Muhammad, do you know why you had to hide behind a rock that did not offer its protection? It is because the 'men' of this Umma have hidden and fled from the Jews to this very day.

We know what we have heard about the slaughter is but the tip of the iceberg. We know what we saw is a mere paragraph in the histories of Jewish terrorism. The terrorism fostered, nurtured, and supported by American hands. The very people who claim to fight terrorism.

To the Protectors of Al-Aqsa...

To the people whom by their uprising made the mountains look pathetic. You have written a unique chapter in our shameful book of history. We are proud to be part of a nation which can act as courageously as you. For as long as our nation has people like you, it will continue to be a nation of sacrifice and honour.

It is true that your weapons are nothing but mere stones. But in your land and in your hands, there is a difference. With you, every stone throws horror in the hearts of the Jews. With you, your stones become like weapons of mass destruction. The man of honour is the one who relies upon Allah and kills his enemy even by his bare hands. Whereas, the coward is the one who will flee from his unarmed opponent even if given every weapon he could desire.

To the defiant people of Al-Aqsa, you are the heroes so:

"Take heart and do not despair. Have faith and you shall triumph." [Quran 3:139]

Our nation is a ship but unlike other ships, it only floats in the blood of its sons. The less blood that is sacrificed for the sake of Allah, the lower our ship sinks. And should the blood run dry, then the ship will be destroyed. We ask you by Allah, do not deny us your blood. There is no honor to us except with the blood of martyrs.

"Fighting was made obligatory upon you, much as you dislike it. But you may hate something while it is beneficial to you. And you might love something and it is harmful to you. Allah knows all and you know not" [Quran 2:216]

If others delayed in their support for you, remember that Allah is the only One who can give you victory. If others turned you away, remember that Allah does not turn away his believing servants. If you fight for the sake of Allah alone, then Allah has guaranteed victory for you and will strengthen your ranks. If you fear no-one except Allah (SWT), then everyone and everything else will fear you.

And know that neither large numbers nor sophisticated machinery will give you victory. Taqwa (piety) is what gives victory. So fight in the path of Allah using Taqwa, good deeds, righteousness, performing Allah’s commands, and letting go of what He has prohibited, and you will be victorious insha-Allah.

You have an example in Afghanistan when they were the poorest nation on earth and their enemy invaded their land. They relied upon Allah and defeated the strongest nation on earth at the time. The Russian navies, armies, atomic bombs, biological weapons did not benefit them in the least as Allah had decided to give victory to the Muslims. So do not fear the weapons of your enemy. If you adhere to the conditions of Allah, he will give you victory. Allah says,

"Musa said to his people, "Ask help from Allah, the whole earth belongs to Allah, he makes whomever he wishes from his servants inherit it. And the everlasting blessing is for the pious meek.""

"Indeed, our Word was passed to our Servant Messengers in the past. They are indeed the Victors. And our Soldiers are indeed the winners."

"Allah promised those of you who believed and did good to be entrusted with the earth the same way it was entrusted with their likes in the past. To give control to their Religion which was approved for them. To bestow them with peace in place of the fear they previously lived. To worship Me alone and not accompany anything with Me. Whomever disbelieve afterwards, those are the real evildoers."

So, seeking help from Allah, patience, his worship, piety, belief, good deeds, following of the guidance of Muhammad (SAW), holding on to the Religion and the Way of Allah, and disbelief in Taghoot (anything worshipped besides Allah) are all conditions which give victory. And if you neglect them then Allah says,

"When a disaster befell you after you had yourselves inflicted losses twice as heavy, you exclaimed, "Whose fault was that?" Say to them (O Muhammad), "It was your own fault. Allah has power over all things.""

So do not plead with anyone except with Allah. The Muslim countries will never support you until Allah desires it. The Muslims have become engrossed with their own concerns and only protective of the worthless lifestyles they enjoy. Except for those whom Allah has saved, and of them there are few.

A Promise From Chechnya

Finally, we promise you that soon insha-Allah, you will hear of what we do with the brothers of the Jews, the Russians, in retaliation for Al-Aqsa and for you. Wait for a forth coming operation which we haved named 'Operation Al-Aqsa'. That is all that we can do to comfort you and heal your wounds. Indeed, Allah is the source of support and reliance should be on nothing but him.

We ask Allah with every Glorious Name He gave Himself and every Honorable Description to bestow victory on all of our struggling Mujahideen brothers everywhere and in particular those in Palestine. We ask Him to make it easy on them and to crush their enemies, turning them back defeated and broken. Indeed He is capable of everything.

We end with, “Praise be to Allah, the Lord and Sustainer of the Worlds”

The Mujahideen Military Command Council – Chechnya

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Wednesday 11 October 2000 150 Mujahideen in Chechnya are Ready for Jihad in Palestine

A member of the Military Command Council announced that one hundred and fifty Mujahideen from Chechnya are readily available to perform Jihad in Palestine, the only thing they are missing is the coordination for their entrance to Palestine through neighbouring Islamic countries, if that is possible! Although the number of volunteers are more than the mentioned number, however, these Mujahideen are prepared to leave at any time. Even with the current situation that the Republic of Chechnya lives in, the hearts are still thirsty for Jihad in Palestine. Although this feeling might be in the heart of every Muslim, it has a greater effect in the hearts of the Mujahideen in Chechnya considering the situation they are in.

A Mujahid Kills Three Soldiers in the Middle of a Market

Russian soldiers and civilians were amazed when a Mujahid pulled out his weapon and killed three Russian soldiers in front of people and in the presence of other soldiers in the city market of Urus Martan. Fear and surprise of the attack froze the remaining soldiers. The Mujahid was able to leave the city through the civilian crowds, this is one of the lessons in bravery and courage that the Mujahideen demonstrate for free in Chechnya.

Numbers Do Not Tip the Scale, However, Iman and Tawakul Do

If the Russian soldiers are everywhere, then so are the Mujahideen. This is an answer to a question concerning the existence of Russian soldier masses everywhere in Chechnya. If Russian soldiers are everywhere, fear and terror is their companion. Whereas the Mujahideen, with their fewer numbers and supplies, are everywhere also, however, Iman and Tawakul (faith and reliance) in Allah, Most High, is their companion.

We will Not Forget Masjid Al-Aqsa and Palestine as We Fight the Russians and Jews in Chechnya

All the Mujahideen express what is in their hearts of pain and sorrow towards the Jewish treachery and betrayal in Palestine and Masjid Al-Aqsa by fighting the Russian enemy and to be diligent in killing it and to defeat its aggression, by the help of Allah, Most High. This enemy, had Jews in military ranks both as soldiers and engineers to support the Russian Military at the onset of the war in Chechnya. All the sufferings and pain of this Ummah will not weaken our determination to continue Jihad for the sake of Allah, Glorious and Most High, and to fight the enemies. Jihad is the only way to bring pride and elevate this Ummah. Every tragedy that happens to this Ummah, especially in Palestine and Masjid Al-Aqsa, grieves our hearts in Chechnya, but it encourages us to continue with Jihad even if the path is long.

Military Operations Varies from Area to Another and Relative Calm Spread Throughout Most Areas

Relative calm has spread throughout areas in Chechnya, except for a few Russian search missions for Mujahideen. Military operations from the Mujahideen vary from one area to another. There are a few operations being carried out, but less than before.

In the capital Grozny there were a few military operations, however to a lesser extent than usual. A reason for this calm could be due to the fear that Russian soldiers have as a result of the Mujahideen missions, which have resulted in a lot of dead soldiers in their ranks, to the point where they only leave in groups to guard each other, whilst avoiding civilian gatherings. With all of their precautions they are not safe. Praise be to Allah, Most High, for the various missions from the Mujahideen.

"Do not feel neglected O Muslims and do not be sad, you are higher if you are but believers,
Allah will make his cause victorious but most people do not know."

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Tuesday 10 October 2000 Mujahideen Command Council Announcement Regarding Al-Quds

The Mujahideen Military Command Council issued the following announcement regarding the recent escalation of affairs in Palestine and Al-Quds:

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Prayer and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family, and companions.

The Exalted Allah says in his glorious book:

“And what is wrong with you that you fight not in the Cause of Allah, and for those weak, ill-treated and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help.” [Quran 4:75]

He also says:

“Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the hearts of a believing people.” [Quran 9:14]

The recent happenings of Baitul Maqdis have occupied our minds, even more as as regards fighting the Russian atheists. The wounds of our brothers in Palestine made us forget our own wounds. The sight of blood from the martyrs of Al-Aqsa takes our attention away from our own blood. And all blood is dear when it flows in the sake of Allah.

Our greetings and prayers go out to the steadfast lions of Baitul Maqdis, to the stone-throwing children facing the mammoth Jewish military, and to the mothers of the martyrs who gave up their hearts for Allah. To all of them, we send our prayers, to remain steadfast on this path. Victory comes to whoever is patient for an extra hour. By Allah, we wish from the bottom of our hearts to be among you suffering what you suffer and resisting with you the occupying enemy.

We would like to assure the following:

1. Jihad, and only Jihad is what saves the lands, what frees the people, and what eventually causes real peace.

2. This spark of jihad should not be extinguished. Let it continue until Allah decides its destiny and gives us His promise.

3. The recent happenings clearly prove that the so-called Muslim countries refuse peace. For peace is not reached by abdicating land and accepting misery and disgrace. And whoever seeks this so-called “peace” with the Jews is giving up his people and his land.

4. We are keen to share your sorrow and disasters for you are our family and our people. The same way we want to share with you our bounty. We are both united in facing the sadistic, cruel enemy. Despite our dire needs, we prefer you, the people of the blessed land, than ourselves. We issued a decree to provide the family of each martyr a token gift of support of $1000.

5. We warn you from the backstabbing Jews and their deception. Do not give a chance to their proponents or anyone else who wants to trade with the blood of martyrs.

Finally, we ask Allah to accept the dead as martyrs in the highest levels of paradise. We ask Him to hasten the recovery of the wounded, to make the Mujahideen steadfast, and grace them with the promised victory. We ask Him to crush, disgrace, and humiliate the Jews and heal the hearts of the believers.

Prayer and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family, and companions.

The Mujahideen Military Command Council of Chechnya.

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Monday 09 October 2000 Al-Aqsa is in the Hearts of the Mujahideen of Chechnya

The talk of the people here in Chechnya continues to be of Al-Aqsa and Palestine. The residents of Grozny, Vedeno, Shatoi, and everywhere else, are closely following the news. We are incensed by the openly inhumane Jewish aggression against our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

The Jews continue to bitterly complain of the atrocities they suffered over 50 years ago. Yet they mercilessly shed Muslim blood on the land of Palestine. They weep in memory of the prison camps, yet now it is the Muslims that look back at their captors through barbed wire. They pounce on their critics as 'anti-Semitic', yet their hatred for the Muslim people is undisguised and confirmed by the worst atrocities.

Where is the honour of a people that reply to stone-throwing children with indiscriminant live ammunition and heavy weapons? Who are the courageous ones, the Israeli soldiers with their body armour and automatic weapons or the school children who willingly risk their lives to lob a rock at their tormentors?

Where is the 'justice' of the international community? How will yet another UN resolution comfort an innocent Muslim youth as he lies dead on the streets of Jerusalem? Why should the West intervene when they are pleased with work of the Jews?

The Muslims, Arabs, and Westerners of the world watch and hear the slaughter and execution, yet no-one is prepared to take the slightest action. The Muslim countries only pay lip service with their condemnation but have not even lifted a finger towards the Jews. Palestine is surrounded by Muslim countries who lavishly spend billions on their military. They have the latest generation armoured fighting vehicles and state-of-the-art fighter jets but not one bullet have they fired in defence of the Muslims. For how long will the Muslim countries be content to watch as the sacred sanctuary of Al-Aqsa is violated again and again?

We ask Allah to destroy the heartless Jews and their allies. Ameen.

Fifteen Russians Perish in the Operation of the Market

A unit of Field Commander Ramadan executed a successful assault on Saturday morning following the Fajr (morning) prayer. After the Fajr prayer, they proceeded to their target asking Allah for victory. They ambushed a large Russian unit near the northern market of the capital, Grozny. The ambush resulted in the destruction of four armoured vehicles, the death of fifteen Russians, and the injuring of more.

Russian Cowards Flee and Desert Their Base

Russian soldiers deserted their base after a unit of Field Commander Ramadan executed a surprise attack in Gudermes. After mowing down the fleeing cowards, killing some and wounding others, the unit completely annihilated the base. The Mujahideen have planned a number of these attacks to ensure that the Russians remain in a state of fear, weakness, and despair. We ask Allah to destroy the occupiers and turn them away from the Muslims, for He is the Invincible, the Almighty.

Gangsters Even When Drunk

An armoured vehicle of a Russian convoy veered off the road on Saturday morning in Grozny and ran over a small car crushing to death a woman and her son and injuring an elderly woman. After the people gathered and the convoy came to a stop, it turned out that the driver of the armoured vehicle was drunk. Another example of how the Muslims are being butchered even by drunken soldiers. The question we keep asking …who will stand up for the Muslims?

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Sunday 08 October 2000 Two Assault Operations in Gudermes

Field Commander, Abdul-Hadi, lead member of the Mujahideen Military Command Council, led two of his units in two separate assaults in Gudermes. The first unit executed a successful ambush of a Russian platoon. First, three strategically placed mines where detonated followed by a hail of automatic machine gun fire and heavy H1 missiles. The result was the death of twelve Russian soldiers and the injuring of many more. In addition, two BMPs and two military vehicles were destroyed.

The second unit engaged a different Russian platoon on the road connecting Gudermes and Kershloi. Details are not available but we know that Russian soldiers were both killed and injured.

The Operations of Grozny

In the district of Kirova in the west of the capital Grozny, the Mujahideen blew up a Russian armoured vehicle using a remote controlled mine. In the process of destroying the BMP, two Russian soldiers were killed and fourteen more were injured, some very seriously. The non-stop operations continue around the clock in Grozny whether it is individual assassinations, landmine detonations, or assault operations.

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Saturday 07 October 2000 Reaction from Mujahideen and Civilians to the Massacre in Palestine

Following the savage Zionist massacres against unarmed Palestinian civilians in recent days there has been widespread messages of support from the Mujahideen and civilians of Chechnya. Even with all the destruction and killing that we face at the hands of the Russian forces, the Aqsa Mosque and Palestine has been at the centre of conversation in Chechnya. Many Mujahideen and Chechen civilians wish, even more fervently, to make Jihad against the aggression of the Jews and hope that the whole Islamic Nation (Umma) is now feeling the same way. All the many injuries that the Muslims have, would not equal the deep wound that still bleeds from the body of this Umma. The outrage over Palestine and the Aqsa Mosque beats in every Muslim heart on the face of this earth.

Thirteen Russian Special Forces Dead

A group of Mujahideen ambushed a group of Russian Special Forces in Safedno in the area of Fedno. In the surprise attack thirteen Russian soldiers were killed and twenty others injured in addition to the destruction of some military equipment. The Mujahideen were able to return to their positions with two Mujahideen slightly injured, we ask Allah (SWT) to cure them. This operation was a serious blow to the Russian Special Forces following a period of relative inactivity lasting a few days. We ask Allah (SWT) to make us victorious over them.

Destruction of Russian Command Centre in Argun

A group of Allah's Soldiers were able to destroy a large section of the building of the train station in the city of Argun. The Russian soldiers took this building as a command centre. The Mujahideen were able to attack this building after careful planning. Due to this attack, many Russian soldiers were killed along with various injuries.

Other News

Two Russian soldiers were killed during a Mujahideen attack on a Russian group in the Starvemlovsky District of Grozny. The cargo of a URAL (Russian military truck) was destroyed and many soldiers were injured. A number of the Mujahideen attacked another Russian force in the area of Jerova leaving four Russian soldiers dead.

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Tuesday 03 October 2000 Russian Forces Gathering in Zhanni-Vedeno

A huge number of Russian equipment and soldiers had been moving towards the area of Zhanni-Vedeno. The estimated numbers were approximately 300 vehicles and 5000 Russian soldiers. One would ask about the intention of the Russian forces, which has left its mark as a force of destruction and aggression with every town and every road it passes through. Previous attacks from Russian forces were seemingly not enough, and shamelessly every hour such attacks are repeated against civilians, as these forces roam from town to town searching for Mujahideen as they claim, however, the truth is that they loot and attack Muslims. This type of behaviour is due to the continuous and huge loses that Russian forces are faced with on a daily basis from the Mujahideen.

A Courageous Operation in the Middle of Argun

Field Commander Arbi Barayev and his group launched a courageous attack against Russian forces by driving an UZAK vehicle into the city of Argun. The Mujahideen stopped the vehicle in the middle of the city and in front of civilians, showered Russian soldiers with bullets. The Mujahideen were able to kill four of the Russian soldiers and injure one. Such a courageous operation has a strong and an encouraging effect on civilians, for it encourages strength and pride as they see the Russian soldiers walking in markets altogether, full of fear, weakness and humiliation.

Deputy Commander of the Hypocrite Forces Assassinated

The Saif-Allah attack group assassinated the Deputy Commander of the traitor hypocrite forces, Rabiak, in the area of Vedeno. He was killed in this specialized operation dedicated to traitors, and which is part of a continuing effort to get rid off all Russian military leaders and hypocrites in Chechnya. We ask Allah, Most High, to destroy them all.

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Monday 02 October 2000 The Mujahideen Military Command Council Determined on Continuing the Jihad

The president of the Mujahideen Military Command Council, Commander Shamil Basayev, emphasized that all Muslims in the Caucasus must unite against Russia, which has carried out the mass murder of Muslims in Chechnya. Commander Basayev emphasized the ongoing patience of the Mujahideen in continuing their resistance of aggression from the Russian Kremlin.

Russian Admittance of its Own Mischief

Sergi Kufaliv, a member of the Russian Duma Council, announced that Russia, as a member of the European Council, must provide answers as to the continuous violation of human rights in Chechnya, as well as to the retaliatory behaviour ranging from theft, kidnapping and extreme violence from its forces. He also announced that he is sure that Russia can not be left alone without punishment and Russia should be expelled from the European Council as a start.

Various Military Operations

Mujahideen attack groups have carried out some military operations during the past two days and due to some technical difficulties and Russian check points through towns and cities, the news reports have been late coming from our correspondents. Some of the general public have reported some military activity specifically in the capital Grozny, and many other activities like:

• In the area of Indreifskoy, the Mujahideen had set up a mine which destroyed a military jeep and two BTR vehicles. Eight Russian soldiers were killed and two Mujahideen were injured, in which one of them is in critical condition. May Allah, Most High, cure all the injured Mujahideen and free them all from their imprisonment.

• In the area of Saroberomslofskoy, a group of Russian forces were in the process of setting up a temporary camp, when the Mujahideen surprised them and pushed them back. This was after the Mujahideen had destroyed a BTR and a UZAK vehicle, which burned completely including all of its occupants.

16 Russian Soldiers Killed from a Mine in Argun

A group of Russian forces fell onto a mine in south Argun, which had been set by the Mujahideen. After the explosion, the Mujahideen attacked the group, in which they destroyed three BMP vehicles and one URAL cargo truck. The Russians left behind 16 dead and a number of injured soldiers.

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Sunday 01 October 2000 A call from the Mujahideen in Chechnya

All Praise is to Allah (SWT) and peace be upon His Prophet.

The Mujahideen in Chechnya are continuing their Jihad against the aggressing, non-believing Russian forces with all their determination, strength and patience. The Mujahideen in Chechnya are about to face the harsh winter in which a lot of snow and ice will fall. The winter season is the most difficult season the Mujahideen face and they need to prepare for it with clothes, winter boots, heating equipment and many other things in order to continue their Jihad with the same vigor which caused the Russian forces so much havoc during the spring and summer months.

The duty of all Muslims is to help their Mujahedeen brothers with all means, so we urge all Muslims to make dua and despair in their prayers for the Mujahideen in Chechnya.

We ask Allah to accept from the Believers their generosity and to elevate them and to make Islam and the Muslims victorious through them.

May Allah's prayers and peace be on our Prophet Muhammad and on all of his family and followers.

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Russian Hell in the Year 2000 PART TWO
A Library of Russian Crimes Against Humanity
Martyrs of the Caucasus
Massacres in Chechnya


MPEG and Real Video format

(Can be played on any PC running Windows 95/98/NT/2000)

Price: £10.00 (UK)

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Russian Hell in the Year 2000 PART TWO - 40mins 46secs - MPEG
A Library of Russian Crimes Against Humanity - 60mins 04secs - Real Video Format
Martyrs of the Caucasus - 39mins 06secs - Real Video Format
Massacres in Chechnya - 29mins 55secs - Real Video Format

All videos are in the Arabic language but the content is self-explanatory and can be understood by everyone.

Russian Hell in the Year 2000 PART TWO

  • Exclusive, live film footage of two martyrdom operations carried out against Russian Barracks in Argun and Gudermes in July 2000
  • Combat footage of Mujahideen operations, ambushes and remote-control detonation of Russian Military vehicles throughout the Year 2000
  • Video of the nine OMON troops after they were executed due to the failure of the Russian Government to hand over the Russian War Criminal Colonel Yuri Budanov to the Mujahideen (April 2000)

At the time of release of this CD (March 2001), the Russian Government has finally conceded defeat at the hands of the Mujahideen and has already begun to withdraw its troops from Chechnya saying that its "...anti-terrorist operations are over...". However, as regards the Mujahideen, their anti-terrorist operations against the Russian fundamentalists have just begun. Field Commander Shamil Basayev was recently reported as saying in an interview that the Mujahideen were prepared to continue fighting for another 25 years or until the Russian crusaders were expelled from Chechnya.

This war has prolonged far longer than expected by both the Russians and their financial and military backers from the Western Governments. Russian media now openly criticises the operations of the Russian fanatics in Chechnya. In their efforts to gracefully back out without losing face, spokesmen from Western Governments are beginning to mention the odd human-rights abuse in their speeches of praise and gratitude to the Russian extremists.

The sequel to Russian Hell in the Year 2000, this full-length MPEG video contains more proof of the actual casualties suffered by the religiously-intolerant Russian fundamentalists. On 02 July 2000, the Mujahideen carried out five simultaneous martyrdom operations against barracks housing Russian soldiers. These attacks killed a total of 1500 Russian soldiers within minutes. The Russian Military obviously issued their various statements, mentioning that about 37 soldiers had been killed in these attacks (Chicago Tribune, 04 July 2000) and otherwise everything was OK. It is a well-known fact that martyrdom operations against barracks housing hundreds of soldiers in tightly-packed rooms (as happened in Beirut, Lebanon, 1981, when 242 US Marines were killed in a similar operation) rarely result in just a few deaths. Aware of this fact, the Western Media attempted to down-play the fact that these operations took place and that they killed hundreds of Russian troops. As usual, NO proof was provided by either the Russian Army or their propaganda outlets (Zionist-run Western Media) in terms of independent verification of the casualties.

In this video, the Islamic Army of the Caucasus provided proof that these operations killed more than just '37 soldiers'. The trucks laden with explosives are seen approaching the Russian Barracks, entering them, coming under fire from Russian guards and then the actual explosion is shown that razes both buildings to the ground. Any intelligent individual can thus decide after viewing this, whether 37 soldiers were killed in five similar operations, or 1500.

At the beginning of April 2000, the Mujahideen captured nine Russian OMON troops whilst they were ransacking and looting Chechen villages. They offered to exchange these nine troops for the War Criminal Russian Colonel Yuri Budanov, who raped an 18-year old Chechen Muslim girl then drove a tank over her. The Mujahideen gave the Russian Government a series of deadlines to comply with this offer, but the Russian Government refused all such offers. The Mujahideen wanted to sentence Budanov to execution, which is the Islamic legal punishment for rape. It is unlikely that he would have got a similar sentence under 'International Law', where loss of wealth is regarded more valuable than loss of honour (armed robberies and serious fraud carries heavier sentences than rape in Russia and most Western countries).

When the deadline expired, the Mujahideen executed the nine OMON troops (BBC News April 2000) to prove to the World that whoever goes round raping Muslim woman will be caught by the long-arm of the Mujahideen and brought to justice, no matter how long it takes. This video contains video film of these nine troops soon after their execution.

A Library of Russian Crimes Against Humanity

An hour-long video of raw, unedited footage showing Russian war crimes against humanity in the period 1999-2000. There is no soundtrack and no special effects; just scene after scene of carnage, destruction, death, mutilation and wreckage. This is the type of video that the International Community would prefer to hide from the masses otherwise it would lead very quickly to public opinion against this Russian Crusade.

Warning: Contains scenes that some people may find extremely disturbing.

Martyrs of the Caucasus

39 minutes of Real Video containing film of Foreign Mujahideen that have been killed in the Caucasus between 1997 and 2000. Amongst others, it contains exclusive footage of:

Field Commander Abu Bakr Aqeedah, martyred in Dagestan in December 1997
Field Commander Hakeem Al-Madani, deputy to Field Commander Khattab, martyed in Dagestan in 1999
Field Commander Sheikh Abu Musab At-Tabuki, martyred in Dagestan in 1999

Massacres in Chechnya

Another video 29 minutes in length, professionally made, showing yet more carnage and crimes against civilians. This video has previously appeared in the Videos section of

Warning: Contains scenes that some people may find extremely disturbing.


This CD is duplication of original copyright material produced by the Islamic Army of the Caucasus. It has not been edited and thus contains some scenes which may not be suitable for children or the faint-hearted. Any opinions or views expressed therein are those of the copyright holders, not necessarily shared by Azzam Publications. This CD is not being sold for profit, hence the low price inclusive of postage and packaging.

No part of this CD may be reproduced without express reference to the Islamic Army of the Caucasus as copyright holders.

Any enquiries regarding the content of this CD should be directed to the Islamic Army of the Caucasus, to Field Commander Shamil Basayev, Field Commander Khattab or their spokesman Movladi Udogov.

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              Tuesday 5 June 2001
Israeli occupation troops attack college
students near Ramallah

Occupied Jerusalem - Israeli occupation forces
today attacked hundreds of Palestinian college
students on the  West Bank, using rubber-coated
metal bullets and stun grenades.
Full story

Hamas says: If our civilians are not safe in
Ramallah Jewish civilians will not be safe in Tel

Occupied Jerusalem - The Islamic Resistance
Movement, Hamas,  has vowed to continue the
armed struggle against the Israeli aparheid regime
until freedom and liberation are achieved.
Full story

European bias

European obervers monitor ceasefire from
Palestinian side and not the Zionist side

Bethlehem- Observer from the European
Community have been deployed in the Palestinian
West Bank town of Beit Jala to monitor the
Palestinians' abidance by the ceasefire, according to
Quds Press.
Full story


Qassam Brigades' military
communique' (4 June 2001)


Qassam Brigades' military
communique' (5 June 2001)


Political bureau chief of the
Hamas Movement Khaled Mishaal's statement

              Tuesday 5 June 2001         _______________
  1. Israeli occupation troops attack college students near Ramallah
  2. Hamas says: If our civilians are not safe in Ramallah Jewish civilians will not be safe in Tel Aviv
  3. European bias
  4. Qassam Brigades threaten severe retaliation to any Zionist assault
  5. Islamic resistance stood up to Zionists
  6. Zionist regime puts Arafat under town arrest
  7. Jewish terrorists carry out assassination attempt on Palestinian  activist
  8. Hamas denies any offensive against it
  9. Fatah castigates Rejoub
  10. Barghouthi: Nobody can dare stop the intifada

Hamas Communique':
Dangerous stage in Zionist
aggression against our
people (1 May 01)


In an Interview with
Lebanese newspaper Al-
Coordination with Fatah
helped in expanding


Qassam Brigades military communique'
27 Mar 2001

Headlines 4 June 2001

  1. Zionist murderous crimes drive Palestinian youths to such operations
  2. Mishaal: Mitchell's report does not meet Palestinian aspirations
  3. Zahhar: Palestinians are in a state of self-defense
  4. Yassin: Zionists living in Palestine are not innocent
  5. Ranteesi: no consultations with PA over the ceasefire
  6. PA says Jewish terrorist attacks on Palestinians would kill cease-fire
  7. 15 Palestinian civilians injured in Israel artillery bombardment of Rafah
  8. Sharon labels media coverage  of Jewish terror "incitement"
  9. Vast bulk of Palestinians, Arabs support martyrdom operations
  10. Jordanian Islamic opposition hails operation denounces PA step

Memo from the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to  the Arab
summit in Amman - Jordan


Press Release: Zionists commit a new  of crime (27 March 2001)

              Tuesday 5 June 2001
Intifada escalates in confrontation of Sharon
government's terrorism

(April 2001)

Iman Hajjo's Sister lies injured in hospital


Iman Hajjo's Mother lies seriously injured in hospital

Iman Hajjo's Grandmother lies seriously injured in hospital

The funeral of martyrs  Hassan Al-Qady (35-years) martyr Shahid Barakat (7 years) and martyr  Malak Barakat (4 Years)  in Ramallah Tuesday May 1, 2001.

Killed by a Jewish terrorist bomb


Martyrs Shahid Barakat (7 years) & Martyr Malak
Barakat (4 Years) murdered by Jewish terrorists who
planted a bomb next to their home in Ramallah which
destroyed their home on  April 30, 2001.


Injured by the same Jewish terrorist bomb
Mother and sister of martyrs Shahid & Malak, lie
injured in hospital as a result of  the Jewish terrorist
attack on their home on  April 30, 2001.

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